Wingtai (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Wingtai Adhesive Products Factory Co., Ltd.) was established in 1984, which is a pioneer in the adhesive industry in China. It is also a large-scale enterprise in the early mainland China. It is a Sino foreign joint venture integrating profession, research, development, manufacturing and sales of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and adhesive. The company has branches such as Hong Kong Wingtai Adhesive Products Factory Co., Ltd., Wingtai (Zhejiang) Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. and Hubei Wingtai New Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. It can produce more than 700 million square meters of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and 70,000 tons of adhesive per year, and has 7 sales branches and 11 offices in China's economically developed regions, providing technical support and sales services for users in China and 80 countries and regions around the world; providing 35 product series and more than 150 kinds of products, it has become an influential global adhesive tape supplier.

Since its establishment, Wingtai has always been seeking its survival significance and role from the social perspective, actively advocating "green, environmental protection, health and safety". It aims to make "Wingtai" a brand pioneer and benchmark in China adhesive tape industry by working with suppliers and customers to be environment-friendly enterprise, and insisting on "Wingtai" independent development, creating "Chinese brand, world quality”. It produces BOPP tape, double-sided tape, foam tape, aluminum tape, embroidery tape, filter tape, automotive packaging protection tape and other products. The products are widely used in packaging, electronic industry, automobile, food, medical and other industries, with excellent bonding effect.

At present, Wingtai has become the 8th vice president unit of China adhesive and adhesive tape industry association, the member unit of national adhesive Standardization Technical Committee, and the vice president unit of pressure-sensitive adhesive products sub Standardization Technical Committee. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a "model enterprise" of China adhesive industry, and awarded the honorary title of "enterprise abiding by contract and credit" by the National Administration of Industry and commerce.

Our business philosophy is "everyone benefits from our development and creation”, which has brought benefits to suppliers, customers, investors, employees and society. With more than 30 years of development and history, Wingtai has benefited the society and people, and made great contributions to the industry and local construction.

From good to excellence, we are always on the way.

★ Company Name:    WINGTAI(ZHONGSHAN) CO., LTD.

★  Business Type:    Manufacturer

★  Location:    GUANGDONG, China (Mainland)

★  Year Established:    1984

★  Total factory size:    Guangdong factory 130,000 Square meters, Zhejiang factory 90,000 Square meters.

★  No. of Employees:   500+

★  Machine:    8 sets of glue reaction machine, 23 coating lines, 6 sets of Italy fully automatic slitters and wrappers.

★  Capacity:    1 billion sqm adhesive tape/year, 100,000 tons adhesive/year

★  Main Products:   packing tape, double sided tape, stationery tape, foam tape, aluminum foil tape, electrical tape, duct tape, industrial tape.

★  Main Markets:    Asia, America, Middle East, Europe.

★  Certifications:    ISO9001, IS14001, SGS, TUV certifications etc.



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